Maybelline far outdid the competition on Pinterest, garnering 730,000 repins, compared to L’Oréal’s 167,000 and Estée Lauder’s 28,000. Most beauty brands find the volume of visual content that’s shared on Instagram and Pinterest, and the accompanying signals, to be more valuable than Twitter data.


These results are all thanks to a combination of frequent, educational posts, savvy influencer relationships and a collaboration with Gigi Hadid.


LUXE Digital Now was a major influencer behind the campaign and its social media objectives through associated blogger platforms. Jonathan Gardner, ShareIQ’s director of marketing introduced the following;

“Maybelline has been keeping a baseline of fans engaged and are building spikes of excitement with new and influencer content, earning engagement with new audiences".

LUXE Digital Now learned and harnessed 3 key elements; celebrity influencer relationships are essential, re-pins are an essential part of Pinterest and Instagram fans and followers, brand names speak the loudest when it comes to consumer loyalty in digital marketing and brand awareness.

Using these three key elements helped our approach in further campaigning for partner beauty clients, that needed to gain a greater status on social media platforms.

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